What is true Happiness in this Digital Era? / by Dena Mekawi

I think we each have our own perception of happiness. Many strive to achieve happiness on different levels. Some go to great measures in the pursuit of happiness. But what is real happiness? Is happiness a state of mind, or a constant ongoing mission that we all attempt to fulfill. Is this generation so focused on short-term happiness that we forget to seek long-term, valuable happiness? Are we prone to the constant instant gratification, the unrealistic expectations that social media portrays everyone's lives to appear so perfect, that we strive to feel that happiness? 

I think when we step back happiness needs to be non-tangible. Happiness knows you have tomorrow to fix today's mistakes. Happiness is knowing that that person left your life for reasons only God knows is best for you. We each must attempt to seek happiness within ourselves, and stop trying to seek happiness from others. Happiness understands that no ones life is perfect, but we each have something to be thankful for. Happiness knows you made a difference in someone's life. Happiness is finding those that inspire you, helping someone that needs your guidance. Happiness starts with you.