Dena Mekawi Speaks at LIM College / by Dena Mekawi

On Wednesday, April 19th, LIM College's Philanthropy Club invited Dena Mekawi to speak about her experience as a Youth Representative to the United Nations, entrepreneur in creating Style & Resilience, and leader in mixing Philanthropy with the means of self-expression.

LIM's Philanthropy Club is focused on achieving the following:

  • To promote the welfare of others and giving back to the community

  • To assist non-profit organizations in their pursuit in helping those in need

  • To further bring generosity and responsibility into the fashion industry

As media is known to deteriorate body positivity with unrealistic body imagery, fashion brands have the opportunity to make right and to boost self-esteem when implementing diversity in strategic messaging. Fashion has the potential to promote not only health physically, but also mentally, with the amount of influence it has.

Dena also mentioned to students about how fashion can tie into the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals by becoming more eco-friendly in using less-hazardous chemicals and more sustainable in assuring treatment of all employees are ethical. At the end of the day, businesses can improve a lot in the long run by switching to more sustainable business models by taking into consideration the profit as well as the people and the planet.

Style & Resilience is excited to continue working with LIM in leading this movement of sustainable fashion and awareness. Stay tuned for more.