See You at The World Ocean Festival / by Dena Mekawi

Promotion of Sustainable Development Goal #14 "Life Below Water," Style & Resilience is partnering with Global Brain and NYC, Office of the Mayor organizing World Ocean Festival and Ocean Conference.

"The ocean sustains marine life and our own–connecting us all across the world, providing sustenance, transport, economies, livelihoods.

Meanwhile, Illegal fishing threatens species, sustenance, and economies worldwide; pollution in the form of chemical run-off, spills, plastics and more damages and destroys marine life and enters our food chain, and climate change is killing our coral reefs, flooding human and animal habitats and feeding a disastrous feedback loop of rising world temperatures."

Check out a note from WOF's Maritime Director Chris O'Brien.

"I have had the pleasure for more than 25 years of work on, in, and around New York Harbor to be involved in some amazing gatherings of vessels, from OpSail to Fleet Week. For me, being on the water has been a lifelong love affair starting as a Sea Scout sailing the waters of Cape Cod and culminating as a US Coast Guard Officer stationed on Governors Island in New York City. As I reflect on a life of connection to the water, I find that have I not only developed a profound appreciation for the Ocean but an understanding of our dependence on them."

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