Why should Muslims "condemn" an act of terrorism? My religion already represents peace by Dena Mekawi


Turn on the news, watching an act of terror, as muslims we all have the same thought process. Please don't let it be a muslim. We all know the negative and false depiction of muslims in the media.  It’s not muslims job to “condemn” any violent act carried by a coward that claims to be part of a specific religion. It’s your job, as global citizens to notice how media portrays muslims. When an act of terror happens and the person is a non Muslim, he isn’t classified as a terrorist. It’s like we wait for the backlash, it’s an endless cycle. This post is not to prove that muslims aren’t “terrorist”. This post is to educate and shift the narrative of how media is trying to paint the picture of muslims, while pushing the agenda and representation of muslims, through peace and light. Fashion is my way of self- expression- it’s universal, it shows we are all interconnected somehow, it creates dialogue. If I can communicate through that , I’m informing you and enlightening. We need to educate others the real side of what mainstream media doesn't want to portray. Every religion represents peace, once a person claims to be of a certain religion and carries out an act of violence, they are no longer a representation of that religion. Let us unite through peace, love & unity.